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What Are Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs)?

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) are used to send concise, text-like messages to WEA-capable mobile devices during emergency situations. WEAs are sent by your state and local public safety officials, the National Weather Service, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the President of the United States.

The alarm system also works in nursing homes and medical centers, it is as important as having quality medicines.

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Types of Alerts

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Alerts issued by the President or a designee during a national emergency.

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Imminent Threat

Alerts issued when an imminent threat to life or property exists in your area, including severe man-made or natural disasters such as earthquakes, wild fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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Alerts issued to help law enforcement search for and locate an abducted child.

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What You Need to Know

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WEAs are designed to get your attention and alert you with a unique sound and vibration. WEAs are rebroadcast until the emergency situation has passed and is no longer a threat to those in the area.

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WEAs are not affected by network congestion and will not disrupt text, calls, or data sessions that are in progress.

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WEAs are no more than 90 characters, and they include the following information:

  • Who is sending the alert
  • What is happening
  • Who is affected
  • What action to take
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Mobile users are not charged for receiving WEAs and are automatically enrolled to receive them.

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There are already a number of success stories across the United States on how WEAs have saved people’s lives.

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Check with your wireless provider to confirm WEAs are available in your area and your device is capable of receiving WEAs.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs page.